Create Bill Back Invoice for Payment Differences

This procedure is used to create a customer invoice for one or several unauthorized payment deductions or other not accepted payment differences.


The selected outstanding invoices are closed and a new invoice, a bill back, is created. Each line in the bill back invoice corresponds to one of the closed records. The general ledger and accounts receivable are updated and an accounting journal is printed.

When a bill back invoice is created in 'Bill Back Invoice. Open' (ARS117), a parallel invoice number can be created as well, according to the rules set up in 'Additional Payment Reference. Open' (CMS090). The payment method used in this case is defined in 'Bill Back Type. Open' (ARS052).

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. When the total payment amount is recorded in 'Payment Received. Record' (ARS110/E), the F panel is displayed. Invoices are listed according to the currency and sorting order selected: Per payer, customer, invoice number, etc.

  2. Select sorting order 1 and the name of the payer.

  3. Select option 11='Partial payment' for the invoice.

  4. On the H panel, enter the amount paid. Press Enter.

  5. Select option 15='Bill back' for the invoice(s) for which the bill back should be created. 'Bill Back Invoice. Open' (ARS117/B) is displayed.

  6. Select the bill back type to use.

  7. Any pre-defined comments are displayed. Two extra lines can be added.

  8. Press F3 to create a record for the bill back invoice. 'Payment Received. Record' (ARS110/F) is displayed.

  9. Exit 'Payment Received. Record' (ARS110) to update the general ledger and accounts receivable.

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