Print Standard Letter

This procedure is used to print standard letters in connection with customer payment entry or a review of accounts receivable. The standard letter can then be either faxed automatically, or printed and mailed to the customer.

Before you start

Follow these steps

When printed for customer payment entry, follow steps 1, 3, 4, and 5. When printed for review of accounts receivable, follow steps 2, 3, 4, and 5.

  1. Select option 14 = ‘Print standard letter’, when the customer payment is entered in ‘Payment Received. Record’ (ARS110/F).

  2. Select option 14 = Print standard letter in ‘Acc Receivable. Display’ (ARS200/B).

  3. In ‘Standard Letter. Print’ (ARS115/E), select the standard letter ID. The system retrieves the customer group and language from the customer file. Press Enter.

  4. The text of the standard letter is displayed. Two extra lines of text can be entered and printed in the letter.

  5. Select whether to print the letter or send it by fax. The fax number is retrieved from the customer file.

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