Create Standard Letter

This procedure is used to enter the text for standard letters used in connection with receipts, credit memos, or review of accounts receivable.

The text is formatted based on the purpose of the letter. For example, it can be used to inform a customer that cash discounts cannot be used due to late payment, or that the invoices covered by a payment cannot be identified.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start ‘Payment Received. Open Standard Letter’ (ARS050/B).

  2. Enter a standard letter ID, customer group, and language code to create text. Note that field Customer group can be left blank, to be filled in when the letter text is for a specific customer group.

  3. Enter a transaction description (optional) and select letter type:

    • 1 = Standard letter
    • 2 = Credit memo created in ‘Payment Received. Record’ (ARS110/F)
    • 3 = Factoring advice created in ‘Bank Remittance. Reconcile Payment’ (ARS350)
    • 4 = Tickler note created in ‘Tickler Note. Print’ (RMS500).
  4. In (ARS050/E), enter description/name and specify the city (printed at the top of the letter), heading, and the body of the letter.

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