Create Customer Invoice Manually

This procedure is used to enter, record, and print manual customer invoices. These are customer invoices for sales of items not defined in the system, such as service expenses and plant equipment, furniture, and fittings.

Customer invoices and an accounting journal are printed after using this procedure.

The invoices entered can be reviewed separately by payer in 'Customer Invoice. Display Manual' (ARS122).

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Customer Invoice. Enter Manual' (ARS120/B).

  2. Select a FAM function detail record for the type of customer invoice to enter. If batch totals are specified for the FAM function, the specified total amount of the external invoices must then be entered on the A panel first.

  3. On the E panel, enter a customer. Today's date is proposed by default in the 'Invoice date' and 'Accounting date' fields but may be changed. Press Enter.

  4. On the F panel, you can change the payer and add a reference. Press Enter.

  5. If necessary, change the payment information (such as payment terms or due date) on the G panel.

  6. Create the invoice lines on the H panel. The amount can be specified in two ways – either as a line amount, or quantity and price per unit. Invoice lines without specified amounts are used to give additional information. Press F3 to continue when all lines are registered.

  7. On the J panel, record the offset account entry. The receivables, VAT and rounding off are automatically recorded using the account entry references. Press F3 to continue.

  8. The voucher number used is displayed on the E panel. To enter more invoices, repeat steps 2 to 7.

  9. The general ledger and accounts receivable are updated when you exit the program.

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