Enter Customer Invoice

This procedure is used to enter customer invoice records created outside M3 so they can be tracked in accounts receivable and correctly recorded in the general ledger.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Customer Invoice. Enter' (ARS100).

  2. Select a FAM function detail record. If batch totals are used, the total amount of the external invoices must be entered first on the A panel. Press Enter.

  3. On the E panel, enter customer, invoice number, and invoice amount. Invoice date and accounting date are proposed but may be changed. Press Enter.

  4. On the F panel, you can change information in the open fields (for example, currency, payment terms, cash discount terms, due date, and VAT values). Press Enter.

    • If cash discount terms are specified, then 'Customer Invoice. Enter' (ARS100/G) is displayed.
    • If an invoice accounting template is connected to the FAM function used in 'FAM Function. Open' (CRS405), then the H panel is displayed. The amount minus VAT is entered manually.
    • If the payment method used for the invoice has payment class 0 (Cash), 3 (Bank transfer), 5 (Direct Debiting), or 6 (Factoring), then the field 'Parallel invoice number' is displayed on panel F, where you can manually add a payment reference number, such as OCR, KID code etc. There is no input control of this field.
  5. On the J panel, record the offset account entry. Press F3 to create a voucher number and to return to panel 'Customer Invoice. Enter' (ARS100/E).

  6. The voucher number used is displayed. To enter more customer invoices, repeat steps 2 to 4.

  7. The transactions created update the general ledger and accounts receivable and a journal is printed.

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