Manually Report from Bank

This procedure is used to update payment transactions after receiving paper payment confirmation from the bank.

The payment is recorded, and accounts payable and the general ledger are updated.

Before You Start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start ‘Suppl Payment. Report Bank Confirmation’ (APS190/B).

  2. To review the confirmed payment proposal before the update, select one of the following alternatives:

    • Option 5 = Display, to list the basic remittance data
    • Option 6 = Print, to print a remittance summary
    • Option 11 = Invoices, to review all invoices included.
  3. To add any bank fees, select option 12 = Charges, for the confirmed payment proposal.

  4. In ‘Charge. Open’ (APS193/B), enter a user-defined bank fee ID. Select New.

  5. In (APS193/E), enter bank fee amount. When applicable, enter a VAT code and VAT amounts as well. Press Enter.

  6. In (APS190/B), select option 9 = Update for the confirmed payment proposal.

  7. On the E panel, fill in the following fields:

    • Reported amount, including bank fees. (A warning message that can be overruled is displayed if there is any deviation found when Enter is pressed.)
    • Exchange rate as reported by the bank
    • Accounting date (the same as payment date)
    • Voucher text
    • (The cash account is retrieved from the FAM function.)
  8. Press Enter to update the payment proposal and create an payment journal and and accounting journal.