Pay by Manual Bank Transfer

This procedure is used to print manual giro slips sent to the bank for payment of supplier invoices.

The slips are printed and a payments journal with account entries is created after using this procedure.

Accounts payable and the general ledger can be updated either when the slips are printed or separately in ‘Suppl Payment. Report Bank Confirmation’ (APS190), depending on the payment method used. For the latter, only the payment documents are printed.

Before You Start

Follow These Steps

Follow the steps below to pay by manual giro.

  1. Start ‘Suppl Payment Proposal. Open’ (APS130/B).

  2. Select option 9 = Confirm for the payment proposal.

  3. In ‘Bank Transfer. Open’ (APS160/E), select the FAM function detail record that controls the transaction generation, accounting date, voucher text (if the update is done immediately), payment currency, and either report layout 01 or 02.

    • Report layout 01 creates payment specifications and payment orders. The payment specification is sent to the supplier and the payment order to the bank. Report layout 02 creates giro slips which are sent to the bank.
  4. When the update is started, the payment documents are created and payment transactions are updated in accounts payable and the general ledger. Three reports are created for the print queue – manual giro slips, a payment journal and an accounting journal.

    • Only the slips are printed when bank reporting is selected. Updating is then done in ‘Suppl Payment. Report Bank Confirmation’ (APS190).
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