Pay by Check

This procedure is used to use checks for payments.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start ‘Suppl Payment Proposal. Open’ (APS130/B).

  2. Select option 9 = Confirm for the payment proposal.

  3. In ‘Check. Print’ (APS140/E), change the proposed payment currency, if applicable, fill in the accounting date, voucher text, start number (for the checks) and any limit value.

  4. Select report layout:

    • 01 = Sorted by supplier.
    • 02 = Sorted by ascending amount and then by supplier. For the latter, you must specify a limit on the total amount. Checks that exceed this limit are then created.
    • 03 = Sorted by supplier name.
    • 04 = Sorted first by checks over the specified limit value and then by supplier name.
  5. When the update is started, the payment transaction is updated in accounts payable and general ledger. Three reports are created: checks, payment journal and accounting journal.

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