Use Accounting Options - Payment Variance

This procedure is used to write off unresolved balances at an invoice level to user-defined accounts, such as for bad debt.

Note that you can follow up such write-offs by selecting a column template with value type 65 (local currency) or 165 (foreign currency) in 'Acc Payable. Display Balances' (APS225).

Before You Start

Follow These Steps

  1. Complete steps 1 to 3 in procedure Enter Payment. (APS120/F) is displayed.

  2. Enter the accounting option (valid IDs are 20-99) either at the payee level in the field to the right of the exchange rate on the panel header or for a specific invoice.

  3. In (APS120/G), supplement or change the proposed account entry for the accounting option. The total amount is reduced by the amount entered.

    • For payee level, an account entry is made in the account defined for the option.
    • For an invoice, the outstanding balance on the invoice is deducted from the payables account. An entry is made in the offset account defined for the option. The invoice is fully paid.
  4. Note that the amount to distribute must be zero before you can end the session and update the ledgers by pressing F3.

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