Enter Payment

This procedure is used to record supplier payments manually..

Before you start

The prerequisites listed in Manual Payments must be met.

Follow these steps

  1. Start ‘Suppl Payment. Enter Manual’ (APS120).

  2. Select a FAM function detail record corresponding to the type of payment to enter, such as check, draft or cash. If the ‘Batch total’ check box is selected for the FAM function, enter the total of all payments in (APS120/A). Press Enter.

  3. On the E panel, enter the amount paid, accounting date, and any bank fees on the E panel. For checks and drafts, enter the payment document number, company bank account, payee/supplier and supplier invoice number. The default values from the FAM function (such as cash account or currency) can be changed. If account supplementation was selected for the FAM function detail record, enter additional accounting identities, if applicable. Press Enter.

  4. The sorting order on the F panel is retrieved from the FAM function and can be changed as needed. The sorting orders are sorted as follows:

    • Type 1 - per payer
    • Type 2 - per supplier
    • Type 3 - per currency and invoice
    • Type 4 - for quick entry, invoice number, supplier and amount.
  5. Select the appropriate option for the supplier invoice number: 11 = Partial payment, 1 = Full payment, 4 = Delete. For partial payments, (APS120/H) is displayed where the amount paid is entered.

  6. To enter more payments, repeat steps 2 to 5. The entire amount to distribute in (APS120/F) must be entered before you can press F3 to create the voucher.

  7. To search an invoice using the parallel invoice number, for FAM function with payment class 0, 3, and 5, use function key F21='Prompt parallel invoice'.
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