Manual Payments

This process is used to record various types of manual payments made or manage payment differences. All payments are made and a payments journal containing account entries is created after using the process.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Enter basic payment values.

    If the ‘Batch total’ check box is selected for the FAM function, enter the total payment first in ‘Suppl Payment. Enter Manual’ (APS120/A). Basic information such as cash account, currency, exchange rate type, and proposed payment method is retrieved from the FAM function detail record, but can be changed on the E panel. You can also enter any fees deducted by the bank.

  2. Allocate payments to invoices and/or record payment differences.

    In ‘Suppl Payment. Enter Manual’ (APS120/F) you can:

    • Allocate the payments to the corresponding invoices, in full or partially
    • Match credit notes to invoices
    • Record on account payments
    • Manage payments with cash discount
    • Write off other types of payment differences.

    Supplier invoices included in a payment proposal are blocked for updating. This prevents double payment of the invoice.

  3. Exit the program. A voucher with the recorded transactions is created automatically.

    For cross-division payments, one voucher per division involved is created. At central company level, you can use option 13 = 'Display cross-division voucher' in 'Voucher. Display' (GLS200/B) to display the corresponding voucher(s) in the other division(s).

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