Divide Fixed Asset

This document explains how to divide a fixed asset that has a quantity greater than one into two or more assets. Example: A set of ten office chairs is registered as one asset with a quantity of ten. Since four chairs will be moved to and owned by another department, the asset is divided into two assets, one consisting of six chairs and one of four chairs. The set of four chairs can then be recorded on a different accounting string indicating the change of financial ownership.

If the asset has a quantity of one only, see Split Fixed Asset.


At least two new assets are registered with status 1='Normal FA' in 'Fixed Asset. Open' (FAS001). If the new assets have a combined quantity that equals the quantity of the original asset, this original asset now has status 9='Sold or disposed fixed asset'. The new assets have the same data and the same depreciation types as the original asset, except that each asset has an acquisition value and depreciation amount based on the quantity that was manually entered during the division.

The following tables are updated: the fixed asset master table (FFASMA), the table for depreciation types (FFASDAM), the table for value types (FFASVAL) and the depreciation plan table (FFAHIS).

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Fixed Asset. Open' (FAS001/B).

  2. Select option 14 = 'Divide fixed asset' for the asset you want to divide. This option displays 'Fixed Asset. Divide' (FAS007/B).

    The value displayed in the Deviation field on this panel represents the quantity to distribute. Before you start defining the IDs of the new assets, the quantity must equal the quantity of the original asset.

  3. In the table, enter the ID of each new asset together with a subnumber and the quantity of this new asset. Press Enter.

    You can create up to 11 new assets from the original asset. You do not have to distribute the entire quantity of the original asset to the new assets. If you do distribute the entire quantity, the original asset will automatically be assigned status 9='Sold or disposed fixed asset' when you close the program.

  4. After you enter all new assets, press F3 to exit (FAS007) and then exit (FAS001).

  5. Restart (FAS001) to display the new assets created by dividing the original asset.

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