Split Fixed Asset

This document explains how to split a fixed asset with a quantity of one into two or more assets. Example: A personal computer is registered as one asset. Since the company needs to manage the computer screens separately – perhaps by discarding them to replace them with other screens – the computer is split into two assets, one consisting of the computer and the keyboard, the other of the computer screen.


At least one new asset is registered in 'Fixed Asset. Open' (FAS001) together with the original asset. Both assets have status 1='Normal FA'. The new asset has the same data and the same depreciation types as the original asset, except that each asset now has an acquisition value and depreciation plan value based on the amount or percentage manually entered during the split.

The following tables are updated: the fixed asset master table (FFASMA), the table for depreciation types (FFASDAM), the table for value types (FFASVAL) and the depreciation plan table (FFAHIS).

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Fixed Asset. Open' (FAS001/B).

  2. Select option 15 = 'Split an asset' for the asset you want to split. This option displays 'Fixed Asset. Split' (FAS008/B).

    The amount displayed in the Deviation field on this panel represents the amount to distribute. Before you start defining the IDs of the new assets, the amount is always equal the acquisition cost of the original asset.

  3. Based on whether you want to split the original acquisition cost using a fixed amount or a percentage, select sorting order 1 = 'Amount input' or 2 = 'Percent input'.

  4. In the table below, enter the ID of the new asset or assets together with a subnumber and an acquisition cost amount or an acquisition cost percentage. Press Enter.

    You can create up to 15 new assets from the original asset. Note that any amount or percentage that is not distributed, as displayed in the Deviation field, will be stored as the acquisition cost of the original asset. If you distribute the entire acquisition cost, the original asset will automatically be assigned status 9='Sold or disposed fixed assets' when you close the program.

  5. After you enter all new assets, press F3 to exit (FAS008) and then exit (FAS001).

  6. Restart (FAS001) to display the new assets created by the split.

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