Print VAT Report

This document explains how you print a VAT report using one of the six predefined types of reports in VAT Run. Open (TXS100).


One or several of the following reports are created:

The numbers of the VAT reports are saved in the table for detailed General Ledger information (FGLEDX).

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Select the Print option for a VAT run in 'VAT Run. Open' (TXS100/B).

  2. On the E panel, select type of report, whether the report should be summarized or detailed and whether voucher texts should be printed.

  3. For VAT template reports and TX/QR reconciliation reports, select a VAT report template as well (mandatory).

  4. On the next panel (the H panel for control reports, the I panel for the other reports), enter the VAT date up to which transactions are selected (mandatory).

  5. To narrow the selection, specify a range of VAT codes and voucher numbers (optional).

  6. For control reports, enter ranges of any of the following values on the H panel if you use report layout 3 or 4: customer or supplier, invoice number and invoice year.

  7. For all types of reports, carry out a deviation test (if applicable) by entering a difference (deviation) between calculated VAT and recorded VAT either as a percentage or an amount (optional).

  8. Select which type of VAT transactions to include in the Include reported transactions field:

    • Alternative 0=No. Only transactions that were not used for a VAT declaration are included. The transactions have VAT reported status 0 in 'General Ledger. Display Transactions' (GLS211/G).
    • Alternative 1=Yes. Only transactions that have been used for a VAT declaration are included. The transactions have VAT reported status=9.
    • Alternative 3=Include all transactions, whether declared or not.

      Neither of the alternatives includes transactions with VAT reported status 1=VAT on payment day. Normally only non-declared VAT transactions would be included in a VAT run. However, for analysis purposes it may be relevant to include also declared VAT transactions, for example, when printing a report of the VAT for the entire year.

  9. Select one of these alternatives:

    • For control reports, select whether to include only VAT payable or VAT receivable or both (required).
    • For TX/GL reconciliation reports, select whether to print the detailed voucher line for each transaction.
    • For TX/QR reconciliation reports, select the VAT template line for which to print transactions.
  10. For all types of reports, enter a report text (optional). Press Enter to print the report.

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