Reverse Voucher

This document explains how to reverse an incorrect voucher. Reversal means that the voucher is offset. This needs to be done when:

Alternative Procedure

An alternative way of correcting an incorrect accounting line is to follow the procedure described in Create Corrective Voucher in the General Ledger.


Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Select one of the following alternatives:

    • Start 'Voucher. Reverse' (GLS900) directly from the menu.
    • Select option Reverse in 'Voucher. Display' (GLS200/B).
  2. In (GLS900), enter accounting year, voucher number, and – if you want to change only the accounting date of the voucher – select the 'Voucher on new accounting date' check box. Press Enter.

  3. On the F panel, review the information displayed on FAM function, accounting date and voucher text used in the original voucher.

  4. Enter a new date and a voucher text. Press Enter.

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