Print List of Transactions in Transaction Work File

This document explains how to print a list of transactions with a specific status in the transaction work file (the FCR040 table) as part of the company's period-end routines. You print the list to ensure that no interrupted or erroneous jobs remain, that is, jobs that have not updated the General Ledger before the period close.


You have a report listing all transactions with a specific status. The information provided is: Job date, job number, voucher number, voucher description, accounting date, FAM function used to record the transaction, status, change date, changed by, and book of account (if applicable).

You know which transactions to process and how to process them before the period is closed.

Following the steps in the document, you can:

No other changes or updates are made in M3.

Before You Start

Not applicable.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Transaction Work File. Print' (GLS970).

  2. Select any transaction statuses to exclude from the report:

    • 0 = Active; General Ledger not updated. This status normally refers to transactions in interrupted jobs.
    • 1 = Preliminarily allocated. This status refers to transactions that are preliminarily allocated in certain programs and have not updated the General Ledger yet. Such transactions occur, for example, when you are working with automatic reconciliation of bank statements in the Automatic Bank Statement module or with accounts allocation. The transactions will be released when the proposal is approved.
    • 8 = Erroneous transaction. This status refers to transactions with incorrect values such as invalid accounting string, accounting date, or voucher number.
    • 9 = General Ledger updated but no journal is printed. This status refers to transactions where the program for printout of accounting journals (GLS041) for some reason has been interrupted. Currently, those transactions can only be corrected by Product Support.
  3. If applicable, enter an optional report text. Press Enter.

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