Print List of Unbalanced Vouchers or Journals

This document explains how to create a list of vouchers or journals that do not balance during a fiscal year as part of the company's period closing routines.

Unbalanced vouchers or journals normally only occur if the company has selected not to use the automatic transaction check. This check, which is selected in 'Settings – General Ledger' (CRS750/E), ensures that no unbalanced vouchers or journals update the General Ledger. The most common reason for an unbalanced voucher or journal is then that you have restarted a job already in progress in 'Transaction Work File. Restart Interrupted Jobs' (GLS047). However, even if the automatic transaction check is selected, unbalanced vouchers or journals can occur due to reasons such as power shortages when the vouchers are in the process of updating the General Ledger.

To print a list to ensure that all voucher numbers from a specific date are used in the General Ledger without gaps, use 'Voucher. Check Number' (GLS960) instead.


A report is printed with unbalanced vouchers, unbalanced journals, or both. All accounting lines in each voucher or journal are listed with their respective accounting strings, recorded amounts, accounting date, entry date, and user ID. Also, journal and voucher totals are printed.

Create a TellUs incident to ask Product Support to resolve any imbalances and attach the report to the incident.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Journal/Voucher. Print Unbalanced' (GLS975).

  2. Enter the fiscal year.

  3. If applicable, enter a range of book of accounts.

    The book of accounts fields are only displayed if the company has selected in 'Settings – General Ledger' (CRS750/F) to use book of accounts.

  4. Select whether to print a list containing only unbalanced journals or vouchers or both.

    If you select both check boxes, unbalanced journals are printed in the first part of the report and vouchers in the second.

  5. If applicable, enter an optional report text. Press Enter.

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