Convert Document Amounts and Currency Names to Text

This document explains how to enter amounts and names of currencies as text that is printed on supplier checks, customer drafts and withholding tax certificate.


Amounts are defined in text form for the following values:

1–99, AN AND
// /
C1 One Hundred
CC Hundred
CO Continued
M1 One Thousand
MM Thousand
OO Million
PP Billion
QQ Trillion


used in combination with AN, //, and SU

VD Void

The amounts are printed as alphanumeric texts in the following situations:

Amounts are saved in the FNUMTX table. Currency names are saved in the FCURTX table.

Before You Start

Follow These Steps

Write Amounts as Text

  1. Start 'Check. Write Amount as Text' (CRS180/B).

  2. Select a language.

  3. Select one of the following alternatives:

    • To download the amounts for the first time, press F14=Standard and then go to step 4.
    • To enter the amount as text, go to step 4.
  4. Select the cell next to each amount on the B panel and enter the amount as text.

Write Name of Currency as Text

  1. Select one of the following alternatives:

    • In (CRS180/B), press F16='Currency name per language'.
    • Start 'Currency. Write as Text per Language' (CRS182).
  2. Enter the language and currency codes and click Create.

    The combination of language and currency enables you to define currency names and decimal coin names for countries with the same language but different currencies.

  3. In (CRS182/E), enter the full name of the currency for the selected combination of currency and language.

  4. Enter the species of coin used to express decimal coin units in printed amounts. Press Enter.

Printout of Amounts – Alternatives

The 'Printout of amounts' field is displayed for the following categories of payment methods:

For withholding tax certificate the 'Printout of amounts' field is displayed in:

The field offers the following alternatives for printing amounts:

Alt. Printout Example
1 [Integer as text][Decimal separator"[Decimal units] Four.56
2 [Integer as text] and [Decimal units/100] [Currency] Four and 56/100 Dollars
3 [Integer as text][Decimal separator][Decimal units] [Currency] Four.56 Dollars
4 [Integer as text] [Currency] and [Decimal units] [Coin] Four Dollars and 56 Cents
5 [Integer as text] [Currency] and [Decimal units as text] [Species of coin] Four Dollars and fifty-six Cents

The amounts written as text are retrieved from (CRS180). The names of the currency and coin are retrieved from (CRS182).

Supplier Checks

Note: If you selected any of the following predefined check formats in the 'Documentation format' field in (CRS071), that format will overrule any value selected in this field:
  • AU-CHK (Australia)
  • CH-CHK-NUM (Switzerland)
  • CH-CHK-TXT (Switzerland).
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