Register Subsidiary for Parent Company

This document explains how to register the subsidiaries that will report consolidated transactions to the parent company in M3 Group Consolidation.


Basic data such as the subsidiary's ID at the parent company, consolidation currency, the accounting dimension in which the subsidiary's ID will be displayed, and accounts for minority interest are defined at the parent company.

Once the subsidiary is registered, the subsidiary can create consolidation proposals in 'Consolidation Proposal. Create/Transfer' (GMS200) and the parent company can receive the approved proposals in 'Consolidation Proposal. Update' (GMS320).

The GMCOMP table is updated.

Before you start

Basic data are set for each subsidiary in 'Settings – Consolidation (Subsidiary)' (GMS010).

Follow these steps

  1. In the parent company, start 'Settings – Parent Company' (GMS090).

  2. Enter the ID of the subsidiary. Click New.

  3. On the E panel, enter a name of the subsidiary and the company reference. (Mandatory)

  4. If applicable, enter optional contact information in the form of telephone and fax numbers.

  5. Enter or select values in the remaining fields based on the Parameters to set table. Press Enter.

Parameters to set

Program ID/Panel Field The field indicates …
(GMS090/B) Subsidiary

… the subsidiary's ID at the parent company. (Mandatory)

The ID must be the same as the subsidiary has selected in 'Settings – Consolidation (Subsidiary)' (GMS010/E).

(GMS090/E) Company reference … the internal name of the subsidiary. The name is included in the approved consolidation proposals that the parent company receives from the subsidiary.
(GMS090/E) Consolidation currency, Transfer of general ledger transactions, Transfer of budget

See Define Consolidation Settings for Subsidiary for explanations of these fields.

(GMS090/E) Cumulative consolidation method – balance sheet (BS)

... whether the cumulative balance of each balance account should be converted using the exchange rate valid at the end of the respective period for the consolidation company.

If you select the check box, this method is applied to balances for all balance accounts for which conversion method 1='Cumulative consolidation' is selected in (CRS630/F). You create an additional journal voucher to adjust the cumulative balance for balance accounts in 'Consolidation Proposal. Update' (GMS320).

(GMS090/E) Subsidiary in accounting dimension – GL, subsidiary in accounting dimension – BUD

... the accounting dimension in which the subsidiary's ID is displayed in the general ledger and budget transactions that are received by the parent company. (Mandatory)

This helps identify the transactions of each subsidiary. You can select between accounting dimensions 2 to 7. Note that you cannot select an accounting dimension that is already selected as active in 'Settings – Transfer of General Ledger' (GMS015) or 'Settings – Transfer of Budget' (GMS020).

(GMS090/E) Owner share in percent (This field is currently – in 2006 – reserved for future development.)
(GMS090/E) Account for differences

… the account used to offset the transactions that update the general ledger of the parent company when creating a voucher in 'Consolidation Proposal. Update' (GMS320), provided that the local currency of the subsidiary is the consolidation currency.

If the consolidation currency is the local currency of the parent company, the account in 'Settings – Transfer of General Ledger' (GMS015) is used for this purpose.

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