Simplified Workflow to Manage Payment Approval Routine

This document explains how you use a simplified workflow for authorizing supplier invoices and approving them for payment.

The standard program for invoice approval, 'Supplier Invoice. Recode' (APS110), offers many options for the experienced user, however, in most cases, only a few of them are needed. Therefore, a simplified interface has been developed that can be used together with scanned invoices as well.


See Authorizing, Recoding and Approving Supplier Invoices for Payment for details.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Supplier Invoice. Recode' (APS112/H) by selecting one of these alternatives:

    • Start 'Application Message. Open' (CRS420) and select option 11='Open' for a message stating that an invoice needs to be authorized.
    • Start 'Supplier Invoice. Recode' (APS110/B) and select option 8='Simplified invoice approval' for an invoice.

      The following basic invoice data is displayed in (APS112/H): Supplier, invoice number, invoice date and due date, invoice amount, payment method, and any cash discount values. The accounting lines of the invoices are displayed in a sub-file at the bottom of the panel.

      If supplier invoices are scanned into the system by using M3 Automatic Data Capture, an image of the invoice is displayed on the panel as well. It can be enlarged, if necessary, to display all details.

  2. Review the values and, depending on the result of your review, click one of these buttons:

    Note: All buttons refer to the entire invoice, not specific invoice lines. At present it is not possible to send only one individual invoice line for review or to change its authorized user when using the simplified workflow.
    • Approve: The workflow is then complete.
    • Change authorized user: This displays (APS112/G) where you can enter the ID of a new authorized user. Press Enter.
    • Review: This displays 'Supplier Invoice. Review' (APS105/E). Specify the ID of the reviewer, the date by which the review should be done, and your question. Press Enter.
    • Recode: Recode the invoice
  3. Recode invoice.

    After choosing Recode, adjust the proposed accounting date, if necessary in (APS112/E). Press Enter.

  4. In the coding panel, 'Accounting. Open' (GLS120/J), select the accounting line to recode and specify the new accounting string. Press Enter.

  5. Create a voucher by pressing F3 and then exiting (APS110).

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