Define Rounding-Off Limits for Batch Invoices and Scanned Invoices

This document explains how you define payment tolerance levels, that is, limits for tolerating rounding-off amounts on batch invoices (transferred via EDI in a batch file) and scanned invoices in 'Supplier Invoice. Process Automatic' (APS050).


You have a set of rules determining which invoices to include in the payment tolerance evaluation and which is the highest acceptable rounding-off amount.

If a batch invoice has an invoice line of type 4 (Rounding-off) in the FAPBIL table, as displayed in 'Supplier Invoice. Open Automatic Lines' (APS053), the payment tolerance rules are automatically applied when updating Accounts Payable with the invoice in (APS050). If the amount is larger than tolerated, it is booked on a clearing account to be recoded in 'Supplier Invoice. Recode' (APS110).

Note: A rounding-off amount that is larger than the amount tolerated does not affect whether the invoice is approved for payment or not.

Information about the payment tolerance is stored in the FAPPTL table.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Payment Tolerance. Open' (APS098/B).

  2. Enter the currency and, if applicable, the payee and/or the supplier group for which you want to define payment tolerance. Click New.

  3. On the E panel, enter a name and a description.

  4. Define the highest allowed tolerance as an amount or a percentage or a combination of both values.

  5. Enter a transaction description that will be displayed on the clearing account transaction. Press Enter.

Parameters to Set

Program ID/Panel Field The field indicates …
(APS098/B) Currency … the currency for which the payment tolerance is valid. (Mandatory value.)
(APS098/B) Payee … the payee for which the payment tolerance is valid. (Optional value.)
(APS098/B) Supplier group … the supplier group for which the payment tolerance is valid. (Optional value.)
(APS098/E) Tolerance amount … the highest tolerated rounding-off amount that can be booked automatically. See the description of the field below for a further explanation.
(APS098/E) Tolerance percentage

… the highest tolerated part of an invoice's total amount that can be booked automatically as a rounding-off amount, expressed as a percentage.

The payment tolerance can be expressed as an amount, a percentage, or a combination of both. In the last case, the lowest value of the two is used as the limit.


* Payment tolerance in percent: 10.

* Payment tolerance as an amount: 5.

* A batch invoice refers to a payment of USD 94 but is rounded off to a total invoice amount of USD 100. The rounding-off amount is USD 6.

Results: Although the rounding-off amount is less than 10 percent, the payment difference is not accepted since it exceeds USD 5. The rounding-off is booked on a clearing account.

(APS098/E) Transaction description

… a description of the clearing account transaction.

The text is displayed in the General Ledger and printed on accounting journals. Using a text such as 'Rounding-off amount not accepted' helps you to identify such transactions.

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