Manually Match Goods Receipt to Supplier Invoice

This document explains how you manually match arrived goods to the supplier invoice line to which the goods refer.

You do this when the supplier invoice has been matched to the purchase order before the goods arrived, and the automatic matching function is not used.


The goods receipt line is matched to the invoice and a message with the result of the matching is displayed.

If the matching is approved, you create account entries by pressing F10='Crt acc entry'.

If the matching is incomplete, you adjust the invoice, for example by creating a debit note. Refer to Verify and Adjust Invoice Lines for Invoice Matching. If necessary, you can manually close the incompletely matched invoice line by selecting option 20='?'.

A new invoice line (type 4) is created with the data from the original invoice line (type 2) that was matched to the purchase order line to which the goods receipt refers. The quantity of the new invoice line is set to either the quantity of the original invoice line or the quantity of the goods receipt.

If the matching is approved, the invoice line (type 2) is updated with the receipt quantity and cost amount.

Before you start

All prerequisites specified in Concluding Invoice Matching when Goods Arrive must be met.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Supplier Invoice. Recode' (APS110/B).

    Note that the sorting order selected controls which invoices are displayed. Sorting orders 1 to 6 only display invoices that are not approved for payment, types 6 to 16 only display invoices that are matched to a purchase order, while types 11 to 16 display all invoices.

  2. Select option 11='Invoice control' for the invoice to match to start 'Supplier Invoice. Match GR Line' (APS360/B).

  3. In (APS360/B), identify the invoice line matched to the purchase order line to which the goods receipt refers.

    The invoice line must be of type 2=Matched to a purchase order line.

  4. Select option 19='Connect receipt' for the invoice line to match.

    The goods receipt(s) that refer to the same purchase order line as the invoice line are displayed. The receiving number and receiving type, as well as the purchase order number and line number, are displayed for the goods receipt.

  5. Select one of the following alternatives:

    • To select the goods receipt line, press Enter. Start the matching by pressing F8='Check invoice'.
    • If you do not want to select the goods receipt line or start the matching, select Cancel and F18='Cancel voucher'.
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