Check Unapproved Supplier Invoice Lines

This document explains how you perform a search for any unapproved supplier invoice lines. If such a line is found, it is automatically matched against the goods receipt to which the line refers.

You can do this at regular intervals to keep track of unapproved supplier invoices and any not received or put-away reported goods.


An incompletely matched invoice line's quantity is matched to the goods receipt quantity, reported as received or put away. If fully matched, the invoice line is approved and account entries are created.

These lists are printed:

Review the result of the check by using the confirmation list.

If an invoice has an invoice line not approved for payment with an amount posted on a clearing account, and you do not expect any more goods to arrive, you must investigate the reason for the incomplete matching. When the problem is identified, enter 'Supplier Invoice. Match to GR Line' (APS360) via 'Supplier Invoice. Recode' (APS110) and adjust the invoice, for example by creating a debit note.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Supplier Invoice. Auto Match GL Line' (APS375/E).

  2. Control which invoices to check by selecting a range of supplier numbers, payees, supplier invoice numbers, invoice dates and authorizers.

  3. Specify the accounting date for the account entries that will be created if an invoice line is approved.

  4. Specify whether the invoice will be approved for payment, if fully matched. (Note that the invoice might already been approved for payment).

  5. If necessary, specify an alternative date format to use in the reports created.

    The valid alternatives are: YMD=YYMMDD (year, month, day), DMY=DDMMYY (day, month, year), MDY=MMDDYY (month, day, year) and YWD=YYWWD (year, week, weekday).

  6. Specify report layout 01='One line per selected invoice' and any report text. Press Enter.

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