Authorize Access to Online Reports

This document explains how you authorize access to an online report for certain users, or how you give the user access to only parts of an online report.

By using this access function, you can distribute reports to users in different departments within the company, thus enabling them to review a report online. Giving access to parts of the report can be useful, for example, if a profit and loss report consists of several cost centers and each user should only be allowed to review information for one cost center.


A user is given access to an online report or to parts of an online report.

Once a report is created in 'Report. Open' (RGS600) for a certain period, the user can review it via 'User. Display for Report Distribution' (RGS220).

The user information is stored in the 'User for report distribution' (FFRDIU) file, and the connection between users and reports is stored in the 'Reports per user' (FFRDIR) file.

Before you start

Parameters to Set

Program ID/Panel Field The field indicates …
(RGS011/B) Sequence number

… a sequence number.

The sequence number is used to create separate records for a specific report. This enables you to connect a user to one or several accounting identities; that is, to get access to only a limited part of the report.


A specific report contains information regarding three cost centers (accounting dimension 2). To grant a user access to two cost centers, you create two records and specify a cost center for each on the E panel.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'User. Open for Report Distribution' (RGS010/B).

    The instruction is based on panel sequence E1.

    Select User

  2. Select one of the following alternatives:

    • To authorize access to a report for an existing user, select option 11='Report' for the user.
    • To authorize report access for a user that does not exist on the B panel, specify the user's identity and select option New. Confirm your choice of user on the E panel by pressing Enter.

    Connect Report to User and Limit Access to Parts of the Report

  3. In 'Report. Open per User' (RGS011/B), specify the report the user will have access to and a sequence number. Select option New.

  4. Select one of the following alternatives:

    • If the report is not a split one (that is, access is given to the entire report), confirm the authorization by pressing Enter. Press F3.
    • If the report is a split report (that is, some users should have access only to parts of the report), go to step 5.
  5. If you want to limit the access for the user to only parts of the report, specify on the E panel the accounting identity(-ies) the user will have access to review and press Enter.

    The accounting dimensions displayed are the ones included in the balance key. If you leave all fields blank, the user will get access to the entire report. If you specify an accounting identity, the user will get access only to that accounting identity for the dimension in question. If a field is left blank that means that the user will get access to all accounting identities in that dimension, unless a specific identity is specified for a dimension further to the right. If so, the blank field will be interpreted as identity "blank". Example:

    • Account (accounting dimension 1) '5211' and cost center (accounting dimension 2) 'blank' will give the user access to all records on account 5211, regardless of cost center.
    • Account 'blank' and Cost center '4000' will give the user access to all records on account blank and cost center 4000.
  6. Return to step 3 to create a new sequence number if you want the user to have access to more accounting identities. Otherwise, press F3.

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