Work with Recorded Customer Invoices

This document explains how you can change or split open customer invoices in 'Accounts Receivable. Display' (ARS200), reprint them, or use them as a basis for sending letters to the customers and payers.

For information about how to manually create a group invoice in (ARS200), see Manually Create Group Invoice.


Depending on the alternative selected, any of the following results apply:

Review the updated payer balance in 'Acc Receivable. Display Balance' (ARS225). Inform the payer of any changed values such as revised due date (the standard letter can be used for this purpose). Send the invoice copy to the payer or use it for internal purposes.

If any invoice values are changed, the accounts receivable balance file (FSLBAL) is updated. No account entries are created.

Before you start

Depending on the selected alternative

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Acc Receivable. Display' (ARS200/B). To display the invoices to work with, press F17 and enter your selections on the search panel (ARS200/S).

  2. Perform the necessary action:

    • To change basic invoice values, go to step 3.
    • To block an invoice from further processing, go to step 4.
    • To change a future rate agreement for an invoice, go to step 5.
    • To print a standard letter regarding an invoice, go to step 6.
    • To split an invoice, go to step 9.
    • To print an invoice copy, go to step 13.
    • To print a copy of a draft, go to step 15.

    Change invoice values

  3. Select one of these alternatives:

    • To change the payer for an invoice, select option 'Change payer.' On the E panel, enter the new payer and confirm the change by pressing Enter.
    • To change invoice values, select option Change for the invoice and enter or adjust any of these values in (ARS201/E): Due date (basis for interest calculation), follow-up date (revised due date, used to extend the payment deadline for the payer), payment method, salesperson responsible, customer's bank account ID, and cash discount values. Press Enter.

    Block or release invoice

  4. To block or release the invoice, select option Change for the invoice and enter or adjust any of these values in (ARS201/E):

    • General block code in the 'Payment reminder stop' field; when blocking an invoice, you must also enter the person responsible for the block and the stop date
    • Payment reminder level to determine when the invoice will be included in the payment reminder routine, together with the last payment reminder date
    • Block codes for payment advising, collection, and penalty interest invoicing.

    Change future rate agreement for invoice

  5. To connect or disconnect an invoice to a registered future rate agreement, select option Change for the invoice and select or deselect the agreement. Press Enter.

    Create standard letter regarding an invoice

  6. Select option 'Standard letter' for an invoice.

  7. Review and, if necessary, adjust the proposed standard letter in (ARS115/E). Press Enter.

  8. The standard letter printed contains both the letter text and information about the invoice concerned.

    Split invoice

  9. To split an invoice into two or more invoices, select option 'Split invoice'.

    Typically, an invoice is split is when the customer is not able to pay the entire invoice amount by the due date. The customer is usually informed about the new invoice numbers over the phone.

  10. In 'Customer Invoice. Split' (ARS202/E), select which invoice number to use for the new invoices and then enter the values for the new invoices in the first line in the table displayed: payment method, currency amount, and due date. Press Enter.

  11. Repeat step 5 in the subsequent table lines until you have defined all new invoices. Press F3 to create the voucher.

  12. On the F panel, enter the voucher text and accounting date. Press Enter to create the new voucher and close the original invoice.

  13. If a Parallel invoice number exists for a customer invoice which is split (ARS202), or uses a payment term with a split due date, the Parallel invoice number for the original invoice is copied to the new split invoices, if the payment method for the new invoice is set up in (CMS090).

    Print invoice copy

  14. Select option Print for the invoice, provided it belongs to one of the categories listed in the Outcome section.

    • You can also use any of the following programs to print an invoice copy: 'Customer Invoice. Display in Number Seq' (ARS205); 'Customer Invoice. Display Due Dates' (ARS220); 'Customer Invoice. Display Follow Up Date' (ARS230); 'Customer Invoice. Display Stopped' (ARS240).
  15. In 'Customer Invoice. Display Manual' (ARS122/B), select option Print for the invoice. Press F3 to exit.

    Print draft copy

  16. Select option 'Print draft' for the draft. Press F3 to exit.

    Drafts can also be printed from 'Customer Invoice. Display in Number Seq' (ARS205) using the same option.

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