Create Corrective Voucher in the General Ledger

This document explains how you create a corrective voucher for a voucher with an incorrect accounting line in the general ledger.

Sometimes the accounting string is entered incorrectly when a voucher is created. It can contain the wrong cost center, product, etc. To correct the posting you could enter a new voucher in 'Journal Voucher. Open' (GLS100). However, an easier way is to create a new voucher based on the incorrect voucher accounting line, as explained in this instruction.


A correct voucher is created for an accounting line with one of the following transaction codes: 01 (Journal vouchers and transactions from other areas of M3); 11 (Customer invoices – account entries); 21 (Payment received – account entries); 41 (Supplier invoices – account entries). An accounting journal is printed.

The general ledger is updated.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Select one of these alternatives:

    • In 'Voucher. Display' (GLS200/A), select option Display for the voucher to display the B panel.
    • Start 'General Ledger. Display Transactions' (GLS210/B) and use the selection fields and/or the selection panel to find the transaction.
  2. In (GLS200/B) or (GLS210/B), select option 9 = ‘Change accounting line’ for the incorrect transaction.

  3. In 'Journal Voucher. Enter' (GLS100/E), which is started, change the proposed accounting date currency, and exchange rate, if applicable, and a VAT registration number (optional). Press Enter.

  4. In (GLS100/B), where the incorrect accounting line is displayed, enter one or several correct accounting strings, and, if applicable, fill in any of the other fields that are displayed (quantity, voucher text, bank operation code). Press Enter to create the new accounting line.

  5. Press F3 to create the new voucher and return to the start program.

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