Define Indicator for Direct Debiting Agreements

This document explains how you create an indicator for direct debiting agreements. The indicator is a collection of user-defined fields used to register country-specific or company-specific information that is legally required or information such as a contact person. It also determines the workflow for sending the agreements to the bank.


Up to seven additional field headings and corresponding field lengths are defined for each language. If applicable, the indicator defines the bank format to use for electronic transfer of direct debiting agreements to bank as well as the bank format for the bank's confirmation.

The indicators are saved in the FDDAID table.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Direct Debiting Agreement Indicator. Open' (ARS455/B).

  2. Enter an indicator ID, using a maximum of four alphanumeric characters, and a country. Click Create.

    The country is used for information and sorting purposes only. It is not checked against the country of the customer in the agreement.

  3. On the E panel, enter a description (required) and a name.

  4. Enter up to seven field headings and a field length for each, using a maximum of 15 positions.

  5. If it should be possible to register a direct debiting agreement for this indicator without specifying a bank account, select the 'Customer bank account' check box.

    The bank account is omitted in the Danish model of direct debiting.

  6. If agreements connected to the indicator will be sent electronically to the bank, enter the bank format to use for the file.

  7. If applicable, select the 'Agreement confirmation' check box if the bank's confirmation is expected in electronic form and select the bank format used.

    If you select the check box, the agreements connected to the current indicator automatically receive transfer status 2 (Pending bank confirmation) in 'Direct Debiting Agreement. Open' (ARS450) when the agreement proposal is approved in 'Direct Debiting Agreement Transfer. Open' (ARS460).

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