Processing Payment Plan for Customer

This document explains how you use payment plans to collect your customer claims in different situations.

Payment plans can be used for both payers and customers.


Up to two types of payment plans are created, either based on an existing invoice or some kind of agreement. Invoices are created based on the plans and sent to the customers.

When customer payments are received, you allocate them to the invoices created from the payment plan in 'Payment Received. Record' (ARS110) or 'Batch Payment. Update' (ARS040).

Accounts receivable and the general ledger are updated. See the corresponding instruction for detailed information.

Before you start

For Payment Plans Based on Invoice

Follow These Steps

  1. Enter into Agreement with Customer

    You base each payment plan on some kind of agreement with the customer:

    • You agree to split an invoice into several installments at the time of purchase
    • You agree to invoice the customer based on sales, service or rental agreements instead of existing invoices
    • When the customer cannot pay the entire invoice amount on the due date, you agree to let him or her pay the debt later through partial payments based on a payment plan.
  2. Create Payment Plan

    If you base the plan on an existing invoice, select the invoice in 'Accounts Receivable. Display' (ARS200) and start 'Payment Plan. Open' (ARS390) from the subprogram (ARS201). If you do not base the plan on an invoice, start (ARS390) directly.

    You enter the basic data for the payment plan in (ARS390) and define the individual payments in the subprogram (ARS391). You can distribute the individual payments in the plan automatically or manually over a defined period of time.

    You can print the payment plan itself in (ARS570).

  3. Create and Review Invoice Proposal

    To create the customer invoices, start by creating a payment proposal in 'Customer Invoice. Create from Payment Plan' (ARS380). When you have verified that the information in the proposal is correct, create the invoices automatically by approving it in (ARS380).

  4. Send to Customer

    Depending on the payment method selected, you send the invoices either as paper documents or electronically. When payments are received, you allocate them to the new invoice records created.

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