Match Customer Invoice to Credit Note

This document explains how you record a payment by matching customer invoices and credit notes, so-called netting. Usually you would not do this without a prior arrangement with the payer.


Invoices are recorded as paid. A report of the matching is printed (ARS206PF) together with a customer payment journal and an accounting journal.

You can send the report to the payer.

Accounts receivable and the general ledger are updated. Value type 40 = 'Not remitted' is updated in 'Accounts Receivable. Display Balances' (ARS225). The following account entries are created:

Accounting Rule Account Debit Credit
* Customer (trans. code 20)   x
* Customer (trans. code 20) x  

*Account entry based on the original customer invoice.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Accounts Receivable. Display' (ARS200/B).

  2. Press F20 = 'Group invoices' and change the proposed currency in the pop up panel, when necessary.

  3. In 'Customer Invoice. Group Manually' (ARS203/B), where all open invoices with the same currency and permitted status are displayed, select the invoice records to match. When the group amount is zero, press F3.

  4. On the G panel, enter accounting date (required) and a voucher text. Press Enter to return to (ARS200/B).

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