Manually Create Group Invoice

This document explains how you manually create a group invoice by grouping recorded customer invoices that have the same currency. This procedure can also be used for customers that do not have the 'Group invoice' check box selected in 'Customer. Open' (CRS610/H).


The separate invoices that were grouped are recorded as paid and a new group invoice is created. An invoice grouping report is printed together with an accounting journal, a customer invoice journal and a customer payment journal.

Accounts receivable and the general ledger are updated. The following account entries are created:

Accounting Rule Account Debit Credit
* Customer   x
AR60–100 Invoice grouping: Customer x  
AR60–195 (For drafts created:) Invoice grouping: Drafts not remitted x  

*Account entry based on the original customer invoice.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Accounts Receivable. Display' (ARS200/B).

  2. Press F20 = 'Group invoices' and select currency in the pop up panel that is displayed. Press Enter.

  3. In 'Customer Invoice. Group Manually' (ARS203/B), where all open invoices with the same currency and permitted status are displayed, select the invoice records to group. Press F3.

  4. In (ARS203/E), where the new group invoice number and total amount are displayed, review the proposed and required values: Invoice date, due date, invoice year and payment method. Press Enter.

  5. In (ARS203/G), enter accounting date (required) and a voucher text. Press Enter to return to (ARS200/B).

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