Update the Financial System with Account Entries for Drafts without Acceptance

This document explains how you create account entries for drafts without acceptance to record invoices as paid. Drafts without acceptance are created by the company and do not require the customer's approval beforehand.

In this case, customer invoices that are recorded with a special payment method for drafts without acceptance are automatically created and recorded as paid when a proposal is approved in 'Draft without Acceptance. Open Payment' (ARS370). That is, you do not have to enter each draft payment and allocate it to the respective invoices manually in 'Payment Received. Record' (ARS110) or 'Payment Document. Enter' (ARS105).


Customer invoices with an appropriate payment method are recorded as paid, even if they have been grouped in 'Customer Invoice. Group' (ARS190) or manually split in 'Accounts Receivable. Display' (ARS200). A customer payment journal and a supplier payment journal are printed. Drafts without acceptance are created. Each draft is assigned the original invoice number as the drawee reference number and has the status Not remitted. The following documents are printed: a printed proposal, a statement listing the drafts included in the confirmed proposal (ARS379PF), a customer payment journal, a customer invoice journal, an accounting journal and, depending on the configuration of the payment method, the draft itself.

Remit the drafts to bank for collection in 'Bank Remittance. Open' (ARS300).

The sales ledger table (FSLEDG), the draft master table (FDRFMA), and the general ledger are updated.

The account entries that can be created are:

Accounting Rule Account Debit Credit
AR10–100 Accounts receivable   x
AR72–195 Drafts not remitted x  
AR72–301 Realized exchange gain   x
AR72–302 Realized exchange loss x  

Before you start

Follow These Steps

Create Proposal

  1. Start 'Draft without Acceptance. Open Payment' (ARS370/B).

  2. On the E panel, enter the last accounting date of the invoices to be considered for the selection.

  3. Optional: Enter an end invoice date, due date, or both.

  4. Optional: To define the selection further, enter any or the following ranges: Accounting dimension 2, sales person, customer group, district, country, postal code, payer, customer, invoice number, and invoice year.

  5. Enter the currency.

  6. Enter the payment method of the invoices to be included and a detail record under FAM function AR72.

  7. End by entering a report name. Press Enter to create the proposal and return to (ARS370/B).

    When the proposal is listed with status 0 it is ready to be processed. The following statuses are used: 0 = Can be processed; 2 = In use by another user; 4 = Being deleted; 6 = Being printed; 9 = Updating the financial system.

    The printed proposal contains the following information: Payer, customer, invoice number, invoice date, due date, and amounts.

Review and Adjust Proposal

  1. In (ARS370/B), select the option Change for the proposal.

  2. In (ARS375/B), review the listed payers and the information presented on the number of drafts created per payer and the respective payer status.

    The following statuses are used: 0 = Not blocked; 3 = Blocked.

  3. If you want to block the payer from being included in the run, select option 3 = Hold.

    You can also control the payer status using the open status field in (ARS375/E).

  4. To review the invoices for each payer, select option 11 = Invoices.

  5. In (ARS376/B), review the list of invoices and the information presented: customer, invoice number, currency, invoice date, amount due, and status.

  6. If you want to block the invoice from being included in the run, select option 3 = Hold.

    You can also control the invoice status using the open status field in (ARS376/E).

  7. To adjust the dates, select option Change for an invoice.

  8. In (ARS376/E), change the proposed invoice date and due date. Press F3 to return to the start panel.

    Any changes affect the proposal files only. The original invoices in the accounts receivable file are not updated.

Update the Financial System

  1. In (ARS370/B), select option 9 = Confirm for the proposal to create the drafts and update accounts receivable and the general ledger.

    The confirmed proposal is automatically removed from (ARS370).

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