Create Invoice Accounting Template

This document explains how you create a template with recurring invoice records. The template helps you reduce the work needed for the company's invoice and payment routines.


A template with up to nine accounting strings for different types of invoice records is defined, either on central level or per division.

For supplier invoices, connect the template to the supplier in 'Supplier. Define Purchase & Financial' (CRS624), or link it directly to FAM function AP10. For customer invoices, connect it to FAM function AR10.

The template records are then displayed when entering an invoice in 'Customer Invoice. Enter' (ARS100) or a supplier invoice in 'Supplier Invoice. Record' (APS100). All you need to do is enter the amounts.

The parameter file (CSYTAB) is updated.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Invoice Accounting Template. Open' (CRS455/B).

  2. Set the panel sequence.

    This instruction is based on sequence E1.

  3. Enter an ID for the template, consisting of up to three numeric characters. Click New.

  4. On the E panel, enter description (required) and name. Press Enter.

  5. In 'Invoice Accounting Template. Open Lines' (CRS456/B), enter a line ID from 1 to 9. Click New.

  6. In (CRS465/E), enter a pseudo ID and a user-defined record heading, consisting of up to 15 alphanumeric characters.

  7. If you wish to overrule the VAT code entered for the pseudo ID, enter a new VAT code. Press Enter.

  8. In (CRS465/B), repeat the procedure from step 5 for each record. Press F3 to finish.

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