Manually Entering Supplier Invoices

This document explains how you manually enter supplier invoices or create a plan with recurring payment records for future supplier payments.


The entered invoices can belong to one of the following categories:

Accounts payable and the general ledger is updated.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Review Incoming Supplier Invoices

    Make a first check of the paper invoices you receive, according to your company's routines and policy. To simplify the entry and to make it easier to decide which workflow to use, sort all invoices you accept to pay and divide them into categories (for example, approved, unapproved, with or without matching to purchase order).

  2. Manually Enter Supplier Invoices for Payment

    Enter your paper invoices in 'Supplier Invoice. Record' (APS100); the FAM function detail record you select for the type of invoice controls much of the workflow.

    If the invoice contains a reference to a purchase order number you can carry out the matching to purchase order and goods receipt during the entry. This, however, is explained in a separate process.

    If the 'Tax withholding method' of the supplier in (CRS624/F) is set to 4 and a service code is entered in (APS100/F), an additional panel is shown (APS100/K) to enable you to control the calculation of the tax withheld. You can also deduct on-account payments where withholding tax was deducted using the same service code or deduct other non applicable costs from the base amount for the calculation.

    If you use an account defined as a fixed asset account when posting the invoice, 'Fixed Asset. Open Preliminary' (FAS180) is automatically activated to enable you to directly create a preliminary asset or add a cost to a definite asset before creating a voucher.

    Note that if you use 'Journal Voucher. Open for Multi-Entry' (GLS105) for all types of invoice and payment entry, you can start the entry there and automatically call (APS100).

  3. Enter Payment Records for Recurring Payments

    If you have recurring supplier payments, either based on a paper invoice or an agreement, enter such payment records in a separate supplier payment plan. You can do this when entering the invoice in (APS100) or separately in 'Supplier Payment. Open Recurring' (APS095).

    You can of course match the invoice to a purchase order before completing the entry.

  4. Post Invoice

    Depending on your settings you post the invoice either manually or automatically in (APS100/J). The recurring payments you entered directly in (APS095), without connection to an invoice, are not posted.

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