Automatically Selecting Supplier Invoices to Pay

This document explains how you use a supplier payment proposal to select invoice records, recurring payments, discounts, and credit notes to be included when executing the payments.

Note that payment proposals can also be used to create account entries to update the financial system without involving a physical payment.


One verified and corrected payment proposal is created per payment method, including records matching the user-defined selection criteria. Any invoice records that should not be included are either removed or blocked.

Use the proposal as the basis for creating payment documents and updating the financial system. See Executing Supplier Payments Based on Payment Proposal.

No transactions are created. The proposal is saved in the payment proposal header table (FPSUGH) and the corresponding details table (FPSUGD).

Each invoice included in the proposal is assigned payment status (PYST) 1 in the accounts payable file (FPLEDG) and is blocked from being processed in other programs or proposals.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Create supplier payment proposal

    Select the invoices to pay in 'Suppl Payment Proposal. Open' (APS130).

    When you have specified the selection criteria, one or several payment proposals are created, one for each payment method and currency selected.

  2. Verify payment proposal

    Check the proposal(s) to verify that the correct invoice records are included before continuing.

    If an error report was printed, check whether any of the records listed in the report should be adjusted and included in the proposal.

  3. Adjust proposal

    If you discovered any incorrect information such as wrong bank or payment method, adjust those values in (APS130) with sub-programs. These changes only affect the proposal, not the accounts payable file.

  4. Print preview of payment documents

    Before creating the final payment documents and updating the financial system, you can print a preview in (APS130). This means that simulated payment documents are printed for a last check.

  5. Correct invoices in accounts payable

    There are some errors which you may have to correct directly in the accounts payable file. This can be the case when you need to change the payee. Do this in 'Supplier Invoice. Display Separate' (APS215). After that, you can create a new proposal to include the corrected invoices.

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