Create Bank Account Indicator with Company-Defined Bank Account Fields

This document explains how you define company-defined fields in which a value must be entered when working with bank accounts. This set of fields is called a bank account indicator.


Up to five fields are defined for each bank account indicator. Each field defines a heading, the length of the field, and whether it is numeric or left-adjusted. A check digit method that triggers automatic validations of values can be selected for the bank account indicator.

The parameter table (CSYTAB) is updated.

Connect the bank account indicator to a new bank account in 'Bank Account. Open' (CRS692/B). The fields you defined are then automatically displayed on the E panel. Depending on the check digit method selected, different validation checks are done automatically when you enter values in these fields as well as in the bank-related fields in a payment proposal in 'Supplier Payment Proposal. Open' (APS130).

Before Starting

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Bank Account Indicator. Open' (CRS072/B).

  2. Enter an ID, consisting of up to four alphanumeric characters, for the indicator and the country (mandatory values). Click New.

  3. On the E panel, enter a description (mandatory) and a name.

  4. Enter the user-defined names of the field headings you want to include and their respective length (up to 15 positions) and define whether each value is left-adjusted.

  5. Enter a check digit method for the bank account (optional). Press Enter.

Parameters to Set

Program ID/ Panel Field The field indicates …
(CRS072/E) Description bank field 1–5

… the name of the field headings that will be used for entering company-specific values for the bank account.

When the fields are displayed in 'Bank Account. Open' (CRS692/E), a value must be entered in each one of these fields.

Note that fields 1 and 2 usually are reserved for the bank name and account number respectively when the indicator is connected to a supplier account. The values in these fields are printed when creating a payment proposal in which the account is included in 'Payment Proposal. Open' (APS130). (This does not apply to bank account indicators with Sweden-specific check digit methods.)

If the indicator will be used for creating an electronic DTAZV file for foreign payments (German market modification), the fifth field may be reserved for the bank account ID to which bank fees are debited by the bank.

(CRS072/E) Check digit method

… a standard method to verify that values entered in certain bank-related fields are correct.

For a list of the current check digit methods, see the field help text. For a detailed explanation of the Swedish check digit methods, see

Control Methods for Configuration of Bank Accounts (Sweden).

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