Create and Verify Group Invoice Proposal

This instruction explains how to create a proposal for one or several group invoices.

The group invoice proposal can consist of all types of customer invoices with exception of these categories:


A proposal for one or several group invoices is created based on user-defined search criteria for each payer/customer. It contains the following information: Invoice number, invoice date, due date, division, customer, payer, group invoice number, payment method, currency, invoice amount, account amount, outstanding currency amount, outstanding recorded amount, block code (used for group invoices with a negative total), and payment amount.

The proposal can be reviewed in 'Customer Invoice. Group' (ARS190).

Review and – when necessary – adjust the proposal before confirming the final set of group invoices in (ARS190).

No transactions are generated. The group invoice proposal is created and saved for further processing in the group invoice files (FSLGP1, FSLGP2, and FSLGP3).

The group invoices created in the proposal are saved with information category number 209 in file (FSLEDX) and can be reviewed in 'Accounts Receivable. Display Additional Information' (ARS250). However, they are removed from this file if the proposal is deleted in (ARS190).

The affected invoices receive a block code in the accounts receivable balance file (FSLEDG) with transaction code 10 and cannot be paid in for example 'Customer Receipt. Record' (ARS110). They are also blocked from being included in other group invoice proposals until the proposal is deleted or the final group invoice is confirmed.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Customer Invoice. Group' (ARS190/B).

    The B panel lists previous group invoices and proposals, date when generated, created by, and status. These statuses are used:

    0 = The group invoice proposal is created and can be processed.

    1 = The group invoice proposal is being created.

    2 = The group invoice or the proposal is being used by another user.

    4 = The group invoice or the proposal is being deleted.

    9 = The group invoice has been created. It may not be changed but can be printed again.

  2. Select sorting order 1='Name'.

    Sorting order 2='Created by' is used for sorting purposes.

    Create group invoice proposal

  3. Create a new group invoice proposal by giving it a name and pressing New.

    Note that the Name field may be left blank on this panel. However, it must then be specified during the next step.

  4. On (ARS191/E), specify any of these ranges: Salesperson, customer group, district, country, payer, customer, payment method for accounts receivable, currency, due date (the to due date is required), and invoice date.

    If invoice grouping type 2='Per specific date' is specified for a payment type included in the selection, the 'To due date' field is used to indicate that date instead.

  5. In the 'Payment method from' field, select whether the payment method for the group invoice(s) should be retrieved from the invoice (alternative 0), the customer (alternative 1) or whether it should be manually specified (alternative 2).

    If any of the payment methods is under payment class 4='Bill of Exchange/Drafts' and the draft must not be accepted by the customer, a draft will be created together with the group invoice.

  6. Select the check box for parameter 'Group inv type' if the group invoice should update accounts receivable as an actual customer invoice that closes the original invoices.

    If the check box is deselected, only a dummy invoice is created, leaving the original invoices open, but with a reference to the group invoice number. When the customer payment is received, with a reference to this group invoice number, then the original invoices are closed.

  7. If the group invoice should be created per payer instead of per payer, select the 'Grouping level' check box.

  8. End by specifying the grouping date to be used as the new invoice date (required) and a report text to be printed on the proposal only.

  9. Press Enter to create a proposal for the new set of group invoices and to return to panel (ARS190/B); the proposal is listed if any invoices matching the selection criteria were found.

    Verify group invoice proposal

  10. Review the proposal and make notes on which invoices should not be included in the final set of group invoices.

  11. To adjust the proposal by deleting or blocking invoices in (ARS190), see Adjust Group Invoice Proposal and Create Final Group Invoice.

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