Define Standard Opening and Closing Comments for Debt Collection Assignment

This document explains how you predefine standard texts to be printed on a collection assignment for past due customer invoices.


Standard opening and closing comments are created for each language.

The standard texts are automatically proposed in the language specified for the payer in 'Customer. Open' (CRS610/E) when creating a collection assignment in 'Collection. Open Assignment' (ARS170).

The comments are saved in the parameter file (CSYTAB) and copied to the collection file/payer (FCOLL2) when creating the collection assignment proposal.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Collection. Enter Text' (ARS085/B).

  2. Specify the language of the texts to be entered. Press New.

  3. On panel (ARS085/E), enter name and description for the set of comments.

  4. Enter the opening comment (also called pre-text), that is the text to be presented before the actual list of past due invoices on the printed collection assignment. Press Enter.

    The comment may consist of up to nine lines.

    To specify that a line in the comment should be left blank when printed in the final collection assignment, enter an asterisk (*) in the first position of the line.

  5. On panel (ARS085/F), enter the closing comment (the post-text), that is the text presented after the list of invoices on the assignment.

    The criteria for creating a closing comment is identical to those of the opening comment.

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