Define Standard Opening and Closing Comments for Payment Reminder

This document explains how you predefine standard texts to be printed on a payment reminder.


Standard opening and closing comments and signature definitions are created for each language. The comments can be reviewed in 'Payment Reminder Rule. Enter Text' (ARS010).

The standard texts are automatically proposed in the language specified for the payer in 'Customer. Open' (CRS610/E) when creating a payment reminder in 'Payment Reminder. Open' (ARS150).

The comments are saved in the parameter file (CSYTAB) and copied to the reminder file/payer (FREMD2) when creating the payment reminder proposal.

Before you start

Parameters to Set

Program ID/Panel Field The field indicates …
(ARS010/B) Payment reminder rule … how the payment reminder routine should be processed for a specific payer.
(ARS010/B) Payment method … the invoice category to be included in the reminder
(ARS010/B) Payment reminder level ... the reminder in which the standard texts are to be used. For example, if the number is set at 2, the texts are only used in the second reminder.
(ARS010/F) Text for reminder date

... a comment on the date used as reminder date in the payment reminder.

The comment is often used to inform about the date through which recorded payments have been considered. Example: ''Payments have been posted to our books until: &date1.''

You can use the following variables to define the date:

&date1 = This is the last payment date, that is, the date through which payments received are recorded. The date is entered when the reminder proposal is created in (ARS151/F).

&date2 = This is the prescribed date. This date defines when amounts past due must be paid. The actual date is set when the proposal is created in (ARS151/F).

(ARS010/F) Text for reminder heading ... a text line that is printed as a heading on the payment reminder.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Payment Reminder Rule. Enter Text' (ARS010).

  2. On the B panel, enter a combination of a payment reminder rule (required), payment method, payment reminder level (required), and language. Press New.

  3. On the E panel, enter a description and a name.

  4. Enter the opening comment (also called pre-text), that is the text presented before the actual list of outstanding invoices on the printed reminder. Press Enter.

    The comment may consist of up to nine lines.

    To specify that a line in the comment should be left blank when printed in the final payment advice, enter an asterisk (*) in the first position of the line.

  5. On panel (ARS010/F), enter the closing comment (the post-text), that is the text presented after the list of invoices on the reminder.

    The criteria for creating a closing comment is identical to those of the opening comment

  6. End by entering the two additional text lines (optional): text for reminder date and text for reminder heading. Press Enter.

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