Creating Written Payment Reminder for Past Due Customer Invoices

This document explains how to create a written payment reminder; that is, a list of customer invoices past due, for one or several payers/customers.


A payment reminder is created and printed, displaying all past due accounts receivable invoices, per payer or customer and currency. Depending on the payment reminder rule used, any penalty interest may be specified and open invoice records that are not past due can also be included. Each record can be printed with the voucher text as additional information or a comment. The reminder can be sorted per salesman, credit department reference, etc.

The invoices included in the reminder can be reviewed in 'Acc Receivable. Display Additional Info' (ARS250) even after the reminder itself is deleted in 'Payment Reminder. Open' (ARS150).

Interest invoices can be printed as well, depending on how the payment reminder rule is defined.

You can send the payment reminder to the payer(s).

Account entries can be created if any interest invoices were created together with the payment reminder. The reminder is saved in the following reminder files: FREMD1 (listing name and status of all reminder), FREMD2 (listing payers), and FREMD3 (listing invoices).

The reminder is automatically allocated information category number 202 and saved under its reminder number.

The reminder level and the last reminder date displayed in 'Customer Invoice. Change' (ARS201) are updated.

Block codes used

When a specific invoice is included in the printed reminder, it receives block code 9 in the accounts receivable file (FSLEDG). This prevents the invoice from being included in another payment reminder proposal until the number of days specified in the payment reminder rule is passed.

Additional payment reference

You can create a 'Parallel invoice number' for customer invoices. The rules for this are defined in 'Additional Payment Reference. Open' (CMS090). The only available 'Reference number type' is 1='Parallel invoice number'. The 'Parallel invoice number' can only be added to the XML when an invoice document is created. The 'Parallel invoice number' is saved in the FSAPRN table together with the invoice number.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Create a Payment Reminder Proposal

    Create a proposal in 'Payment Reminder. Open' (ARS150) by specifying different selection criteria.

    Note: All credit invoices are included in the proposal, regardless of due date. If the credit total is equal to or greater than the total amount due – that is, if the customer is owed – then all customer invoices in the proposal are blocked from being included in the final payment reminder.
  2. Adjust the Payment Reminder Proposal

    When necessary, adjust the proposal by blocking or deleting payers or invoices to prevent them from being included in the reminder. This is done in (ARS155) and (ARS156); the programs are called from (ARS150).

    You can also add or adjust opening and closing comments and other user-defined texts to be printed on the payment reminder in (ARS155); the program is called from (ARS150). If standard texts are defined, these are automatically retrieved but can be changed. See Before Starting above.

  3. Create the Final Payment Reminder

    Print the payment reminder in (ARS150). Note that the payment reminder cannot be changed or reviewed on screen after having been printed. It can be printed again, naturally.

  4. Send the Payment Reminder to the Payer

    You should send the reminder to the payer on the day specified as the reminder date. Since the reminder is saved under an information category number, it can then be deleted in (ARS150).

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