Allocate Customer Payment Using the Fast Allocation

This instruction explains how you easily mass-allocate customer payments. This is a convenient method when a customer generates a high number of customer payments.

Instead of manually allocating each payment to an invoice record, the total amount received is automatically allocated to the invoice records listed in accounts receivables until the amount to distribute is zero.


See Allocating Customer Payments to Invoice.

Before you start

The starting conditions listed in Allocating Customer Payments to Invoice must be met.

Follow These Steps

  1. Enter a payment directly in 'Payment Received. Record' (ARS110/E) or via 'Journal Voucher. Open for Multi-Entry' (GLS105).

  2. In (ARS110/F), where all accounts receivable records are displayed, select one of the following sorting orders:

    • 1 = Payer
    • 2 = Customer
    • 6 = Payer and due date.
  3. Press F16 = 'Automatic allocation' to allocate the payment amount to the listed invoices, beginning with the oldest, until the amount is distributed.

  4. To undo any allocations, select one of the following alternatives:

    • To undo an allocation to a specific record, select option 4 = 'Delete received payment' for it
    • To undo all allocations, press F6 = 'Cancel voucher' to leave the panel.
  5. When the allocation is complete and, if necessary, adjusted, press F3 to end.

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