Manually Allocate Customer Payment to Invoice - Complete and Partial Allocation

This instruction explains how you allocate a customer payment to one or several customer invoice records.

For information on how to manage any cash discount, see Accept Cash Discount for Customer Payment.


See Allocating Customer Payments to Invoice.

Before Starting

The starting conditions listed in Allocating Customer Payments to Invoice.

Follow These Steps

  1. Enter a payment directly in ‘Payment Received. Record’ (ARS110/E), or via ‘Journal Voucher. Open for Multi-Entry’ (GLS105), or ‘Payment Document. Enter’ (ARS105).

  2. When the allocation panel (ARS110/F) is activated, enter the payer, select a reconciliation number if you wish to keep track of invoices and payment pertaining to the same transaction or operation, and/or select one of the following sorting orders to identify the invoice records, when necessary:

    • 1 = Payer
    • 2 = Customer
    • 3 = Invoice number
    • 4 = Quick entry
    • 5 = Group invoice
    • 6 = Sorted by due date.
      Note: that sorting orders 2 and 3 are only available for cash payments (payment class 0), bank transfer payments (payment class 3) and factoring payments (payment class 6).
  3. Select one of the following alternatives:

    • Allocate a complete payment


    • Allocate a partial payment

Allocate Complete Payment

  1. Select option 1 = ‘Full payment’ for one or several customer invoice records or other types of records.

    The amount left to distribute in the panel header is reduced with the allocated amount.

  2. Continue with Correct Allocation.

Allocate Partial Payment

  1. Select option 11 = ‘Partial payment’ for one or several invoices records.

  2. On the H panel, enter the amount to deduct from the outstanding amount. Press Enter to return to the F panel.

    The total amount of the partial payments is displayed together with the outstanding amount for the invoice record(s).

Correct Allocation

If you wish to undo a specific allocation before updating the financial system with the new transactions, select option 4 = ‘Delete payment received’ for the record(s).

Finish the Allocation

Repeat the steps above until the entire payment amount is allocated. Press F3 to end.

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