Electronic Report for Accounting Identities

This document describes the process for running 'Accounting Identity. Create Electronic Report' (AAS640) in order to create the electronic report for charts of account requested by the Mexican Tax Agency (SAT).


The Mexican Tax Agency (SAT) requests companies to start submitting electronic accounting information in XML format.

One of the electronic reports is the "Chart of accounts with SAT qualifier for equivalences." A full declaration is mandatory in the beginning of 2015, and afterwards a monthly one is requested for any updates, such as changed or new accounts.


No printout is created in (AAS640).

Currently only the Mexican electronic chart of account (MX-SAT) is available as an output file format with the following limitations:

Before you start

The following description provides an overview of the setup for the MX-SAT format required for the FBM.

For a detailed description, see the user guide FBM for Electronic Chart of Accounts Declaration.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Accounting Identity. Create Electronic Report' (AAS640).

  2. Select option 1=Create in (AAS640/B1).

  3. In (AAS640/E), select the 'Output file format', 'Report type' to be created (1-Full declaration or 2-Only new/changed) and enter the 'Reporting date'. Click Enter/Next.

    • For the format 'MX-SAT' the report date indicates the year and month in the electronic report file.
  4. If a warning message is shown that a report with the same selection already exists:

    • Click OK to continue with the current selection.
    • Click Cancel to go back and change the selection.
  5. Enter the additional selection fields now shown in (AAS640/E). Click Enter/Next.

    • For the format 'MX-SAT' the accounting dimension 1 must be selected.
    • If report type 2 (Only new/changed) was selected, the date range for new and changed records must be entered.
  6. After the status of the report is raised to 80, the report is sent to the Infor Enterprise Collaborator for further processing.

  7. After the status of the report is raised to 90, the creation of the report is ready.

    If the process is abnormally interrupted, the status can be changed to 99 using related option 7='Change status' and afterwards the report can be deleted if requested.


Settings Descriptions

The following selections must be made in (AAS640/E). When applicable, comments for the MX-SAT format are provided.

Program ID Field Heading Description
(AAS640/E) Output file format

The field indicates the format to be used when the electronic report is created and will also control the selection in (AAS640/E - Acc Identity. Create Electronic Report) required for the format.


MX-SAT = Electronic Chart of Account – SAT (Mexico)

(AAS640/E) Report type

The field indicates the type of electronic report that must be created.


1 = Full declaration including all accounting IDs selected.

2 = Only new and changed accounting IDs will be included.

When selecting report type 2, the create/change date from/to will be displayed and must be entered.

(AAS640/E) Reporting date

The field indicates the date for the electronic reporting.

For output file format 'MX-SAT', the report date will be used to indicate the year and month for the electronic report as required by the format.

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