Manage Claim/Liability Reports

This procedure is used to create electronic claim/liability reports in 'Claim/Liability Report. Open' (AAS320).


The invoices are classified into different categories based on the category group definition in 'Claim/Liability Category Group. Open' (AAS905). For details, see Create Category Group for Claim/Liability Reports.

Selection limitations

When creating the report proposal, the selection is limited to these invoices:

Before you start

Follow these steps to create a claim/liability report proposal

  1. Start 'Claim/Liability Report. Open' (AAS320).

  2. Specify a claim/liability report ID, consisting of up to ten alphanumeric characters.

  3. Select option 1='Create'.

  4. On the E panel, specify a report description.

  5. Specify the base country of the company, the country the invoice transactions originated from, to limit the scope of the claim/liability report geographically.

  6. Select the category group created in (AAS905).

  7. Select a report date. The report date is used as a cut-off date to determine which invoices are included in the run, and for retrieving the claim and liability currency rates.

  8. Select a report currency, which is the currency into which all included invoices will be converted.

  9. Specify the claim and liability rate types. This is the specific rate type used for calculating the reported claim and liability amounts, respectively.

    Note: The rate type must be defined for all invoice currencies included in the report to make correct calculations.
  10. If applicable, specify a range of from/to countries and categories to be included in the report.

Follow these steps to review and create a claim/liability report

  1. On (AAS320/B), select related option 11='Summary' for the claim/liability report proposal when it is in status 9-'Proposal is created'.

  2. On 'Claim/Liability Report. Open Summary' (AAS321/B), review the report lines, which are summarized per category, from/to country and currency. The amounts are distributed into 6 different columns:

    • Claims due within one year
    • Claims due in over one year
    • Prepayment claims
    • Liabilities due within one year
    • Liabilities due in over one year
    • Prepayment liabilities
    Note: Amounts can be rounded to thousands in the view by using virtual fields through 'List and Printer programs. Configure' (CMS005). For details, see Manage Virtual Fields.
  3. On (AAS321/B), select related option 11='Details'.

  4. On 'Claim/Liability Report. Open Details' (AAS322/B), review the invoices included in a report line.

  5. When the review is finished, go back to (AAS321/B).

  6. On (AAS321/B), select 'Export to Excel' in the M3 header menu. Enter the requested information and press Export.

  7. Review and adjust the downloaded file as desired and save it to the file format requested by the authorities.

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