Additional Payment Reference

This instruction explains how to set up a rule for 'Parallel invoice number' that can be created for customer invoices. The rules for this are defined in 'Additional Payment Reference. Open' (CMS090). The only available reference number type is 1='Parallel invoice number'. The parallel invoice number can only be added to the XML when an invoice document is created. The parallel invoice number is saved in the FSAPRN table together with the invoice number.


Parameters to set

Program ID/Panel Field The field indicates …
CMS090/B Reference number type … the reference number type. Currently, only type 1='Parallel invoice number' is available.
CMS090/B Payment method AR …the payment method used as a general sorting key for similar routines when handling customer payments. Payment methods for Accounts Receivable are defined in (CRS076). Each payment method is connected to a payment type, an ID used to classify different payment methods. The payment typeis, in turn, connected to a payment class, which is a general designation for a category of payments, for example, Cash or Draft. For 'Parallel invoice number' only payment class 0 (Cash), 3 (Bank Transfer), 5 (Direct Debiting), and 6 (Factoring) are valid. This field is mandatory.
CMS090/B Country … the country code of the payer as defined in 'Customer. Open' (CRS610). This field is optional.
CMS090/E Reference number rule … a short description used for identification of a rule, for example, OCR, KID etc.
CMS090/E Description … a description of the rule.
CMS090/E Name … a short description of the rule.
CMS090E Reference object … the objects that will build the reference number, for example, a customer invoice number or a numeric division number. Numeric values can be manually added as well. This value is then added as a hard-coded value in the 'Parallel invoice number' every time the reference is created using this rule.
CMS090/E Field length … the length of the reference object field. The field's length is automatically retrieved but can be manually overruled. If the value is set manually, the length is calculated from right to left. An example could be the company number. If the company number is '001', you can set the field length to '1' and then the zeroes are skipped and the retrieved company number is '1' in the reference number
CMS090/E Numeric division … a numeric division number that is used if the current division number contains letters. A numeric division number is required to calculate a check digit in the 'Parallel invoice number'. The numeric division is mandatory if it is included as a reference object in the reference rule.
CMS090/E Check digit method … which check digit method to use when calculating the check digit in a reference number such as a 'Parallel invoice number'. An example of this is the Modulus 10 method which is used in Sweden and Norway and the 7-3-1 method which is used in Finland. If a check digit is to be calculated, then no letters can be used in the fields which the 'Parallel invoice number' consists of (invoice prefix for instance). The check digit methods are predefined in the field group CRNU2.
CMS090/E Reference number length … which length the reference number should have, up to a maximum length is 60 characters. The length is also controlled when the reference number objects are added to the reference number. An error message appears if the total length of the objects does not match the reference number length.

Follow these steps

  1. Set up the additional payment reference in (CMS090) for the actual payment method and the payer country (optional).

  2. Create a customer invoice, for example, in 'Customer Invoice. Enter Manual' (ARS120) with the setup used in step 1.

  3. The parallel invoice number is updated in 'Customer Invoice. Change' (ARS201).

  4. If the parallel invoice number is included in the XML of the invoice, it should be updated there as well.

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