Golden Tax Management for China in M3 Business Engine


In China, all invoices that include VAT must be sent to the government Golden Tax System to retrieve the Golden Tax invoice number and to print the invoice using preprinted invoice documents. Sometimes, invoices with VAT must be excluded from the Golden Tax invoice process, meaning that no detailed information for Golden Tax invoices can be specified before the order invoice is transferred to M3 Business Engine Accounts Receivable Ledger (ARL).

The Golden Tax invoice document might have an amount limit (invoice total in local currency including VAT) which is decided by the government. If the M3 BE invoice issued exceeds the amount limit, several Golden Tax invoices must be issued.

Order invoices

Golden Tax information for order invoices can be handled in two ways:

Which process is to be used is defined in 'Golden Tax Invoice – Settings' (CRCN01) as described in related topics for each type of process.

Internal and other invoices

Internal invoices created in 'Internal Invoice. Create' (MFS100) as well as other invoices (for example, invoices created in 'Customer Invoice. Enter Manual' (ARS120)) are handled according to the manual process regardless of which process is selected in 'Golden Tax Invoice – Settings' (CRCN01).

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