Functions where object access groups can be attached

Object access groups are used to grant or deny access to users for monitoring and maintaining different objects in M3 Business Engine, such as sales price lists, statistic reports, orders, and so on.

List of functions

In the following functions you can fill in the 'Object Access Group' field with the object access group you defined in 'Object Access Group. Open' (CRS006).

Program name Description
AHS010 'Ad Hoc Report Location. Open'
AHS100 'Ad Hoc Report Group. Open'
AMS010 Archiving library
AMS200 Archiving log
APS060 'AP Standard Document. Open'
BUS100 Budget definition
CAS006 Resource driver units version
CAS007 Resource driver rate version
CAS040 Resource driver
CAS050 Cost center model
CFS020 Cash flow models header
CMS015 Information Browser - MI
CRS008 Facility
CRS006 Object access group
CRS007 Access group entries
CRS072 Bank account indicator
CRS100 Salesperson
CRS117 Address format rules
CRS278 Charge models
CRS406 FAM Function. Open Details
CRS418 Program Problem. Solve
CRS609 Customer. Select Fields
CRS610 Customer
CRS630 Chart of accounts file
CRS692 Bank accounts
MFS610 Customer local exceptions
MMS005 Warehouses
MMS056 Supply Model. Open
MNS100 Division
MMS250 Template for list panels
OIS017 Sales price list master
OIS022 Sales price calculation models
OIS060 Customer agreement header
OIS370 Bulk Order Batch. Open Toolbox
OIS412 Bonus agreements
OIS530 Price list - select
OIS800 Discount models
OIS820 Discount campaigns
OIS840 Promotions
OIS860 Supplier rebate agreement
OSS412 Stat. and Bud. report definitions
PPS100 Agreement
PPS285 Procurement cost ID
RGS600 FAM report generator
RGS640 Report generator - list definition
SES505 Object access group reports
SOS022 Price lists
STS017 Rental pricelist master
TAS001 Project
TAS002 Project activity
TAS003 Connect activity project
TAS010 Prices, header
TAS045 Approval identity
TAS050 Authorization identity
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