Define job scheduling programs and fields (SHS031)

  1. On the (SHS030/B) panel, activate the scheduled function and select option 11='Programs'.

    This starts 'Job Schedule Program. Open' (SHS031). Open the E panel and fill in the name of the display file.

  2. Redisplay the B panel and select option 11='Fields'.

    This starts 'Job Schedule Fields. Open' (SHS035). Here, you display the fields from the display file. Open the E panel for each field and connect to field in the data structure. This connection between the fields in the panel and the fields in the data structure is necessary for CSCHJOB to be able to adjust the dates and the selections.

  3. Press Enter. (SHS031) is redisplayed. Press Close. (SHS030) is redisplayed.
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