Add additional field from custom subtotal fields

This procedure defines additional fields from 'custom subtotal' fields. Virtual fields are created to store new values according to user specification. This virtual field is then connected in 'XML Structure. Open Section' (CMS007) through a custom section or parent section. A field is selected as a basis for calculation and uses sum as the calculation function for the new subtotal values. 'Group by' is used to define how the calculated values are arranged and sorted in the XML structure. 'Custom subtotal' fields work for both document and reports. Adding new sections can have a large impact on output function performance.

After creating the custom subtotal fields, elements can be added from (CMS009):

  1. Start (CMS006), select XML structure and use option 11='XML Structure. Open Section' to start (CMS007).
  2. Click ‘Subtotal fields’ to start 'XML Custom Subtotal Fields. Connect' (CMS018).
  3. Specify the XML section and the virtual field to be read in the section. The value of XML section must be larger than 100 and the virtual field must start with ampersand ‘&’ plus four (4) alphanumeric values. Use option 1='Create'.
  4. On the E panel, specify the description, name, base XML section, calculation Fnc, No. of decimal, message ID, and group by. Press Enter.
  5. When the virtual field is created, close (CMS018) to return to (CMS007).
  6. In (CMS007), select the section used as base XML section and use option 22='Add Custom Subtotal Section'.
  7. Select the created virtual field from the M3 BE browse window.
  8. Press Enter to create the custom subtotal section.