SCE - M3 BE Supply Chain Execution

DOP - Distribution Order Processing

'Req/Distr Order. File' (MMS185) archives fully processed requisition orders and distribution orders. The orders must be fully processed (low and high status = 99) and all corresponding stock-transactions (records in MITTRA) must be recorded, in other words the accounting number should be greater than zero.

Several selections can be applied in (MMS185/E), for example order number, transaction date, order type, transaction type, facility, and warehouse.

This function archives the records in the following tables:

Table Description
MGHEAD TF: Stock transaction, header
MGLINE TF: Stock transaction, detail
MGDADR TF: Stock transaction, delivery address
MGLLOG TF: Transaction line change log
MDOPLA TF: Planning proposal archived
MSYTXL MF: Text line
MSYTXH MF: Text head

WIS - Inventory Statistics

'Item Statistics. File' (MMS280) archives records from the MITSTA table. Note that the MITSTA table can be rebuilt based on remaining records in the stock transaction history table (MITTRA). Soft selections can be made on warehouses and/or item numbers.

This function archives the records in the following tables:

Table Description
MITSTA HF: Stock transaction statistics

WHM - Warehouse Management

WHI - Warehouse Management Interfaces

For upload functions, only messages with status 90 (Executed and finished) can be deleted. You must activate the '235 Filing' field in 'Stock Msg Partner. Open' (MMS865). You can select the number of days after a received and executed inventory transaction that a message is archived. This is done in 'Stock Msg Partner. Open' (MMS865).

For download functions, the 'Download' field must be 1, which means that the record is processed by the external system and can be deleted. The 'Days before delete' field indicates that the mass delete function will delete records older than this number of days. This is defined on the P panel for the download programs (MHS800, MHS805, and MHS810).

Note: Transactions for downloading (MHS800, MHS805, and MHS810) are deleted. Transactions for uploading (MMS850, MHS850) are archived in archiving tables. Deletion must be done manually by using SQL (or similar).