Define printer files

In 'List and Printer programs. Configure' (CMS005), all printer files are enabled for XML display. In 'Select' field, select 2-'Printer files' to see all printer files.

Printer file type

The Printer files are separated into two types: Document or report. In (CMS005), you can see the type for a specific printer file. This type is predefined and cannot be changed. The type affects what XML structure format the printer file can use in 'XML Structure. Open' (CMS006).

Note: Before you start with configuration for a printer file, you should check that the configuration is updated to the latest standard. In 'List and Printer programs. Configure' (CMS005), use related 25='Reset to standard'.

Stream files

The field indicates if stream files should be used as output format for the printer file. Note that output format stream files are not maintained and only provided as is. We recommend that you use XML instead.

Global sequence number

Select the check box if the read sequence number for related tables (CMS011) and the calculation sequence number for virtual field (CMS012) should be combined, and used as global sequence numbers.

If global sequence number is activated in (CMS005), the button 'Global seq nr' will appear in 'XML Structure Section. Open Element' (CMS009). By clicking the button, the program 'Global sequence number. Display' (CMS014) is started.

Note: If the check box is not selected, all related tables are read before any virtual field is calculated.


This field indicates what output should be generated.

Select 0-'Always XML' to display the printer file into PDF and Word format.

Select 1-'Override is Allowed' for output to be based on what is defined in 'Output Media Selection. Open' (MNS205), 'Output. Select Media' (MNS215), or (MNS212) upon confirmation.

Select 2-'Always CSV' to display printer files in Excel format.

Archive control

This field indicates how archiving settings for a printer file is controlled. Select '0-Use setting in CMS006' to use the archive settings in (CMS006). Select 1-'Yes' to use the use the archive settings in (CMS005). Select 2-'No' to disable the archive settings in (CMS005) and use (MNS205) or 'Doc Media Control Object. Connect Media' (CRS949) media.


If the 'Archive control' selected is 1-'Yes', this field is displayed to indicate if copies of the printer file should be archived for document type printer files. Select 1-'Only original' to archive only the original document. Select 2-'Only copies' to archive only the copies of document. Select 3-'Both original and copies' to archive both the original and copies of document.

File type

If the 'Archive control' selected is 1-'Yes' for both document and report type printer files in (CMS005), this field is displayed to indicate the file type to be archived. If IDM Output Management is used for Interface XML, the only valid alternatives are PDF, Word, or Word and PDF. Selecting any of the other alternative results in the file type PDF. If IDM Output Management is used for Interface CSV, all alternatives are ignored, and the file type will always be Excel.

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